BB boat

Ok, look, this is a terrible photo, but I have to include this and the one next to it because its a good anecdote. We drove out to a place called Devils Point, which is where the want-to-be Fast and Furious race their cars and there are a strip of restaurants along the shore practically hanging over the Arabian Sea. It feels very remote, although its not really. Warm night breezes and good food at a restaurant that had the feel of Miami Vice. Outdoor eating on terraced verandas – sincerely beautiful. Apparently, the competition between the restaurants has gotten to this level where the above boat showed up about a half hour into our meal and had a giant LED sign advertising KABABJEE’s, which was basically next door. He first just idled in and pointed the sign at us, then started revving the engine and took off doing donuts and making waves roll in. He cleared all the little sea gulls from view. He kept this up for a good portion of the meal, to our delight. I hadn’t laughed that much in a long time. If you’ve been to Kolachi, I guarantee that you know the phone number of KABAJEE’s “666-111-666. Make Reservation Now!” Don’t really do it though – only go to Kolachi.

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