R01 Jeans

  • ROY proprietary Black-Seed denim from White Oak Mills, around 14oz loomstate, 15+oz post soaking.
  • Classic fit.
  • 10oz White Oak, ring-spun twill pocketing.
  • Yellow/orange 100% pima cotton contrast stitching.
  • Relaxed fit with a tapered leg.
  • Lined rear and coin pockets.
  • Tiny rivets on the coin pocket
  • Patch art by Roy
  • Extra long inseams.
  • 100% made in the Roy factory by the Roy.




What the FAQ?



How do I purchase Jeans?

I make things in batches, then sell them on this very website, usually at a specific and prearranged time which I tend to announce using Instagram (roy.stuff). The way I do it is to have a page that has size numbers which you click and it goes to a page with an individual “buy now” button for each size and its just a “click” to purchase thing; its run through PayPal and so its good to ensure your shipping address and contact email address on your PayPal account are current and accurate as I will be shipping to and informing you with them. Though it is PayPal, it does seem to accept a CC too.

I would like to point out that every time I sell something, I make an error in the “buy-now” button code and they won’t work. If this occurs, please do not attempt to send any funds. It creates havoc because there is an inventory on each button and once fixed can quickly oversell stock. I would appreciate an email detailing the issue, but any funds received outside of the “buy-now” button will have to be returned promptly and no purchase will occur. Rest assured that I will fix the error in a matter of moments; just email me and sit tight.


How do I select my Size?

In all honesty, there isn’t any good way to answer this. I am in the inverse position to you. You can physically measure the body and not the jeans, and me the jeans, not the body. Add to that we both have opinions about how to dress a person. I have a wealth of experience in sizing and fitting jeans that is entirely moot if someone disagrees with my tastes or sense of hygiene. What I’m getting at is that I want badly to help you, but ultimately you need to get many pairs under your belt to get a feel for what works for you. This includes washing and wearing which you could read more about in this INFORMATIVE ARTICLE.


Can you hem my Jeans?

Yes, I can. I will hem the purchased jeans before shipping them to you, to the length you ask, which means that You will need to account for the shrinkage. (click here to read about shrinkage). The number you write is the number you get. The jeans are hemmed on this MACHINE. I do No hemmimg of any jeans mailed or brought to me, washed or raw.



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