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 This is a special reissue of the Kinda Special jeans that were released in late 2014. They are a Kinda narrow, Kinda tapered leg, and a front rise that was seen as Kinda high. Don’t forget that the rise will shrink almost an inch in the wash! Many enjoyed this fit, so folks that concentrate on numbers only, maybe ask a friend who actually wears them…

 The photos in the “some fit photos” section are of the Kinda Special. Check that out.

 Please take special note that these jeans are made from loomstate denim that shrinks a great deal when washed or even briefly soaked in water. This is expected and routine, and the pattern is designed to accommodate this shrinkage for the intended fit. Expected shrinkage will be approximately 3″ in the leg length and 1.5″ – 2″ in the waist circumference.



 The recommended treatment for this style is to briefly tub-soak jeans in tepid water for about ten minutes, then proceed to wear jeans and not wash again until well broken in. Machine washing is not recommended and will lead to premature destruction of the jeans.


 Very limited numbers for this run. That is all the rest of the original denim, so if you liked this style and wanted another pair, this will be your chance. Since the numbers are so low and there is no more of this fabric, no exchanges will be offered for this style, so please select being mindful of that.


Bullet points:

$ - The original 14.5oz loomstate “cone-project” denim from Cone mills. 10oz natural twill pocketing, and pocket lining.

$ - 100% pima cotton threads. All the thread sizes on this version are increased by one factor, i.e. the tex 105 is now 135, the tex 40 is now 60, etc. Some threads are now PolyCore tex   105 for increased durability in spots where aesthetics aren’t as key, such as the buttonholes and the inseam and outseam construction stitching.

$ - Better belt-loops: 3/16″ gauge stitching with a 1/2″ wide belt-loop. Lay flatter, look cooler.

$ - slightly taller waistband, easier buttoning.

$ - Everything else still done the same way – all me, old machines and whatnot. The sewing on these is higher in quality than the earlier release by virtue of the smaller numbers – more care being taken with each.



 Hemming is offered at no extra cost. Please make a special note in your PayPal payment of the exact length measurement which is measured as in the “inseam” picture above. You will get a confirmation email which re-states the length you have indicated. If hemming is requested, please account for your extra length for shrinkage.


Fit Advice/Size selection:

 No explicit advice will be given, but please feel free to drop an email with any concerns. There is some experience needed in correctly selecting a size. I recommend studying this page to inform your choice: “some fit photos”


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Price – $255 

Domestic shipping is free. Jeans will be shipped USPS with signature required.

International Shipping is an extra $20. Customs slip will reflect the actual value.



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