Price – For purchase, please see Self Edge stores in NY, LA, SF, and Portland, or selfedge.com


Domestic shipping is free. Jeans will be shipped USPS with signature required. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT ON YOUR PAY PAL ACCOUNT!

International Shipping is an extra $55. This has been raised because I am using USPS Priority now, due to recent lost packages. Customs slip will not reflect the actual value. PLEASE READ THIS: I will no longer refund buyers who’s package mysteriously disappears. I understand this may make you uneasy about purchasing, but I can not afford to lose the jeans and refund. I understand that this will discourage international sales. Priority International Shipping should eliminate this.

Returns: are a contentious subject. I am not set up to be taking a lot of returns. In the past it has been understood that I don’t make a “try it and send it back” object. Please take time to educate yourself about what I do before casually purchasing something you are unsure of. My policy has typically been that I make all customer issues right. Having similar customer service and return policies to Amazon or Macy’s is an unreasonable expectation.

Hemming is offered at no extra cost. Please make a special note in your PayPal payment of the exact length measurement which is measured as in the “inseam” picture . If you can’t find the spot to make a note or are in a rush to “get the sale done”, (sigh) just email me, it’ll be fine… You will get a confirmation email which re-states the length you have indicated. If hemming is requested, please account for your extra length for shrinkage. The number you send me will be the number I hem to. I will do no math to try to estimate shrinkage. (click to read about shrinkage) (additionally, it should be noted that hemmed jeans are not exchangeable.)

Recommended care is to soak jeans like this (click) for about 15 minutes, and hang to dry for first wear, then wear and break in well before machine wash. Once broken-in, Machine wash gentle with jeans turned inside-out and hang to dry.

Please click on your size number to purchase.

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