• Welcome to the jeans sale (plus a few shirts). I am selling a group of jeans that I had archived. Most of these jeans were made in 2020, but there are many pieces that are products made over the years and then put aside. Almost all of them are around the 32 size. On each product post I have listed the measured dimensions in inches. If there is a ” next to the number, this indicates that its the measured dimension, and the tagged size is just a number. Please email any questions about purchasing to roy@roydenim.com. I have attempted to set a way to pay through “woo” which is that which wordpress supports. If this is not convenient, please tell me so, and we can work out other arrangements. If a person wants to pick up in person, I can accept cash. If I am shipping your jeans to you, I will charge $15 dollars for the US and we’ll have to see what international buyers have to pay (I can give individual estimates before you pull the trigger, but International shipping is expensive.

  • The prices I have listed for these jeans are based on how I feel about the piece, and also the objective facts of the item. Example: One item is similar to others, but the denim involved is a) historically significant, b) the last known piece, etc. Many of the prices are high, but please bear in mind that these are not replicable in any way, and these are artifacts of an experiment in small scale manufacturing which involved a decade of toil in creating the shop in which they were created, plus most of the pieces being made from denim woven at White Oak Mills in Greensboro, NC. Additionally, the quality of manufacture is really not equalled anywhere. Any sales pitch I could offer is inadequate; if you know, then you know. If you don’t know, feel free to ask and I’ll try to explain.
  • Additionally, most of these are unique in some way. Many have alternate tags, or I added tags inside. Some have unusual fabric, or alternate pocket fabric. I can answer any questions about this, but it is mostly the result of knowing these weren’t a “for sale” product, but instead something for myself to enjoy. I still have plenty to enjoy and wear, but I have found that I really have too many for myself to wear, so I have decided to share them with people that possibly wish to own a pair.
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