Watch this video of the White Oak Mill at full screen and full volume.

Thank you to Kiya Babzani for ensuring this beautiful record of a special place was created.

This is where the denim I used was made. The mill is no more, which led to the paragraph below.

In 2021, I sold all of my machines and contents of my studio. This concluded my jeans making project, which lasted from February 2007 to February 2021. I would have to count the project as a success and work that I am proud to have undertaken. I am aware that bringing it to an end is disappointing to many people who enjoyed not only wearing the clothing, but taking an interest in what it was that I was doing. Though I worked alone and did the labor myself, I have to acknowledge that a number of people helped me in ways that are hard to list or quantify; to them I am grateful. I also need to acknowledge a significant amount of luck and fortunate timing in my success. Please look around the website. I will make an effort to put up some pages to peruse for information and entertainment. Please feel free to email me with any questions. I’ll do my best to give honest and informative answers about zen and the art of sewing machine maintenance or just jeans :)

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