Holiday in Karachi

   In 2016 I traveled with a good friend of mine to Karachi, Pakistan. Here are a bunch of photos that show mostly things that had nothing to do with the reason I was there, which was to design some styles for a fabric mill that he works for. I met so many cool people there, and I’d like to say hi to them, if they see this, and let them know that I had a life changing experience there. Thanks for the hospitality! (click each thumbnail to see and read)

Working Stuff

AATH little ambulanceAATH factory buildingAATH kiss of lifeAATH bridge

AATH office

AATH office drawing AATH sanding jeansAATH tea


CCTH koel front CCTH koel inside CCTH koel doorway CCTH koel barney 1


BBTH boat BBTH kababchi

On the Road

DDTH fun trucks DDTH hay trucks DDTH roadside topiary DDTH smooth road

Little Weaving Shops

EETH beaming black EETH beaming green EETH cave bobbins EETH cave closeupEETH cave first look EETH cave second look EETH cave weave room EETH shotgun weave roomFFTH hand weave feet FFTH hand weave kids FFTH hand weave shuttle FFTH hand weaver

Dyeing and Printing Spot

GG village approach GG village dada GG village indigo GG village kid GG village rickshaw GGTH buddies GGTH camel far GGTH village stamp


TH toys

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